Here are some pictures of Ian's boat and the trip from where he bought it outside Pompano up to our house. Ian's boat is the same model as mine. The only differences are his is 2 years older and Blue trim rather than my Burgundy trim.

Ian now has his own web site for his boat at 

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The boat sitting in the seller's backyard. Ian relaxed on the boat before starting it moving! A little more stressed driving it in the rain with other boats on the water. But -- plenty of toys to play with at the helm. The first of many drawbridges cleared without damage.
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Finally a break in the weather in time to see Ian's favorite ICW restaurant. A few of the shacks along the ICW. With yards big enough for nice pastures. And more than just a few examples of how the other 10% lives. So much for an early start from port  in the fog.
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Capt. Ian finally underway. Leaving the slip at Pirates Cove - a very nice marina. Turning off Sykes Creek and the last stretch of canal. The boat finally parked in my backyard and Ian cleaning it up from the trip.  

The trip log:

6/14/02 – moved the boat ¼ mi from the seller’s house to Lighthouse Point Marina in Lighthouse Point, FL for the night. Pretty fancy place parked next to all the 60’ boats and someone had an Aston Martin for their marina car in the lot. Rode the water taxi to dinner. Sharon spent the night before driving back home.

6/15/02 – Went shopping for supplies, filled the boat with fuel and water. Wx was overcast and drizzle with gusty SSW winds (78° felt cool with the wind when you’re wet). Engine hours gen 167.2/1029.4/1040.7 finally left the marina at 11:19 AM. Waited on our first drawbridge to open at Camino Real south of Boca Inlet with the wind blowing us toward the bridge. In and out of rain most of the early trip with some sun coming during the afternoon. We were too late & slow to make Ft. Pierce (thanks to all the slow zones) for the day so we made a bunch of calls to find a marina with an open slip. It seems all the big boats from Miami and Palm Beach have started their trips to the north for the year. Found a slip at Pirates Cove Marina in Stuart. They are in Manatee Pocket (but a dolphin escorted us to our slip) about a mile off the ICW and right off the Okeechobee Waterway. Had to run the genset most of the day to keep the chart software going on the laptop. Docked at 6:30 PM after covering 69.9 SM at an average speed of 10.2 MPH and a top speed of 24.3 MPH. Nice resort and marina with good food, live band in the bar, and great facilities. Great place to relax after a long first day on the water.

6/16/02 – Couldn’t see the bow of the boat in the fog (temp 72°. Dew point 73°), so I went back to sleep for a while. Wired up a 2nd 12 V outlet for the laptop so we wouldn’t need to run the genset and added a qt. of oil to the port engine before departing. Engine hours gen 167.3/1037.0/1047.9 found out the hobbs doesn’t work on the genset. Pulled out of port at 8:08 AM and had a nice fast sunny run (finally!) up to Ft. Pierce for a fuel stop at 9:30 AM. We covered 24.7 miles at an avg. speed of 17.8 MPH. Had a quick fuel turn around (for a boat needing 141 gal.) and took off again. Had great sunny wx for the rest of the trip (just beat out the PM storms at Merritt Island). Checked out the great sand islands south of Sebastian Inlet with lots of boat campers tied up, anchored, and beached. The Maptech software worked great on the laptop for finding channel markers in some of the winding stretches of the ICW as well as finding marinas, and bridge clearances. Called Sharon to tell her when we would arrive and she said she had 4 dolphins playing around the slip out back waiting for us. We had dolphin escorts coming into the barge canal and Sykes Creek. Got to the house at 2:15 PM a little hot and sun burned so we jumped in the pool before unloading the boat. We covered 100 SM for the day at an avg. speed of 18.6 MPH and a top speed of 25.3 MPH during 5:23 of running time. Shut down the engines with 167.3/1042.5/1053.6 hours. We completed the 169.9 SM trip in 12:15 running time for an avg. speed of 13.9 MPH.