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The little Mooney (N5571Q) was getting plenty of flying in with trips back to KC, the lake, Colorado, and flying around Florida. Last spring I had a wonderful weekend of flying at a MAPA Safety Foundation Pilot Proficiency Program in Melbourne.

Despite the fun of flying the Mooney all over, I just didnít need it in Florida because I was already close to all the SCUBA diving and no longer needed to make business trips back to KC so I sold it.

I have been getting some fun time in flying Ianís C172, but now he has it up for sale because heís ready to buy a Mooney of his own. You can see his plane on his website at:

1977 Cessna 172 N Skyhawk II - For Sale

There's a few pictures of 95G on the photos page as well as 71Q and other flying photos.

This photo of 71Q was from KC before the big move.

I have put a bunch of my old flying links on the links page here, but I have no idea how many of them are still good -- and I'm not even sure why I have saved some of them. I'll clean them up as I go through the rest of this site.