I have put a bunch of my old boating links on the links page here, but I have no idea how many of them are still good -- and I'm not even sure why I have saved some of them. I'll clean them up as I go through the rest of this site.

Check out the Towboat link to see how not to take a river trip (but the page may take over 5 minutes to load at 56K). This excitement occurred on the Black Warrior River below Demopolis, AL in the late 70s during a spring flood. I will be going down this section of the river, but this bridge is no longer there.

I hope to use the The Big Trip page to document the Sea Horse's trip from Missouri to Florida. I have the new engine in and have started breaking it in, but now I am waiting on the Corp to open all the locks I need on the rivers to get down here. I put the new props on and they have made a world of difference to the low speed planning and handling of the boat. 

While waiting for my trip, check Ian's Trip for picture of moving his boat up the Florida coast. You can also check out Ian's web site devoted to his boat at www.lalamanzi.com 

Here's the Sea Horse out on a nice winter day.